Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm a bad, bad blogger

So, I kinda sorta neglected my blog for the entire month of February.  I had the February blah's, and a complete lack of time to accomplish anything that wasn't totally necessary.  I completed another research course, so I have only 6 classes left until I'm officially Dr. Amanda.  I prepped students for a national sales competition, and traveled with them to Atlanta so they could compete.  We lost, but all three of them made some extremely valuable contacts, and one of them came back with a job offer!  The other 2 are still juniors, but next year they'll be ready. 
This week is my Spring Break, and I'm on a deep cleaning and decluttering binge.  Unfortunately, this also turns into a "Let's rearrange all the furniture while we're at it" week-long event around here. So far, I've finished Jacob's room, started on decluttering the craft room, and moved a lot of stuff into the garage for a yard sale.  Today, I'm going to finish the craft room, and work on emptying out 2 large bookcases in the living room and consolidating to one small bookcase instead.  I'd also like to deep clean the living room while I'm at.  Tomorrow is bathroom and kitchen day.

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