Friday, January 6, 2012

Busy as a Bee

The past two days, Steve and I have been working on cleaning out the basement, as part of my resolution to declutter this house from botton to top.  So far, we've hauled out 5 trashbags full of, well, trash, and taken one Equinox-sized load of stuff to Goodwill.  I have some things that are a bit nicer, and I'm setting those aside to take to consignment later this month.  I also have a few things I want to try to sell on Ebay. 
We managed to finish about a third of the basement, and I'm totally counting hauling all of that stuff up the stairs as a workout for today.
I go back to work on Monday morning, so this weekend we're planning to take things fairly easy.  I have one paper to finish up, but other than that there are no plans. We'll probably hang out and possibly have a pj-Saturday with a movie marathon, or something else low-key.

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